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Calibrated Marine Solutions
Outboard Engine Mount Bracket V1

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The CMS Adjustable engine mounting bracket was specifically designed for today’s high horsepower outboard marine engines. These new larger engines not only have significantly more power but they also have larger cowlings and larger gearcases to accommodate the improved performance and efficiency. This creates a need for a high strength adjustable engine mounting bracket that can offset the engine from the transom while also raising the engine. We also provide +/- 1.5” of engine adjustment once the engines are installed for fine tuning. The Bracket creates a 4.5” offset from the transom helping to create more lift and more room at the rear of the vessel, but they also provide 2.5 inches of lift built into the bracket to accommodate the larger gearcases and propellers of today’s engines.

One of the most important features of the Bracket is that it bolts onto the original mounting holes of your transom so that no filling and painting is necessary. It also creates a much more stable base for the engine mounting on the transom while incorporating the ability to add an “extra set of bolts” to the transom as recommended by the manufacturers. On the transom side many retrofit vessels are challenged by the ability to mount the engine high enough while maintaining a low transom freeboard. So not only does our bracket attach to your existing engine mounting holes but you can mount it even lower on the transom than previous engines and still get two more bolts for extra strength with the ability to raise the new engine to an equal or higher prop-shaft centerline.

The benefits of adjusting the prop-shaft height with respect to the hull have been proven for many years…Significant gains in Speed and efficiency can be realized by as little as ½” adjustments.

Our Brackets have been rigorously designed and tested by our engineers to withstand the extreme loads and forces created by today’s 70+mph center console boats with the engines rated over 500hp. They are CAD designed to exact OEM specifications and tolerances. The 6061 T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum components are CNC machined, hard anodized coated and assembled in the USA!

One unit consists of a completed bracket assembly and engine mounting hardware. Hardware to mount bracket to boat is provided by installer and must have minimum qty 6 – ½” fasteners.


  • Mounts to existing transom holes
  • Accommodates two extra mounting bolts in transom
  • Provides 4.5” engine offset
  • Provides a nominal 2.5” engine lift
  • Provide extra +/- 1.5” engine adjustment for fine tuning
  • The Bracket can also be mounted to the transom +\-1.5” on existing transom hardware location.
  • Easy access to hardware makes installation less than 1 hour and engine swaps even faster!
  • Rated for over 500hp
  • Billet 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade aluminum
  • Military grade Hard anodize coating

Kit contents:

1 – Bracket assembly
2 – Stainless Hardware blocks
6 – 4”x1/2-20 stainless bolts
6 – ½-20 stainless nylock nuts
8 – ½” stainless washers

Torque Info:

7/16 hardware torqued to 45 ft-lbs
½ hardware torqued to 90 ft-lbs


Customer Testimonal Vessel: Costa 34 Cat w/quad 300r Mercury engines.

CMS Brackets added several significant improvements to my quad engine vessel X Dimension Dial in for optimal engine height leading to enhanced efficiency and ride

  • 20% increase in mpg
  • Better Handling

  • Complete Trim Authority

  • Motors now take the boat for a ride as opposed to the boat taking the motors for a ride

  • 100hr retorque made easy

  • Same day RePowers like a NASCAR PitStop!